Entertainment Lighting

As event lighting specialists, we believe that light is the key to how we experience the world.

Horticultural Lighting

Automation and lighting systems that are guaranteed to improve your indoor and greenhouse yields by more than 70%

Quality Audio Equipment

Imported from our very own Danish Supplier that is world renowned for the highest quality sound and amplification for just about any application.

Environmental Control Systems

Dehumidifying, air-condtioning, ventilation and heating all require accurate measurement and control if you want to keep your crops happy. Our HVAC systems combined with our patented management software means you never need to worry about your growing envirnment.

We create fully connected systems so you can focus on your business

Hortimod OS is a proprietary system designed by Scimetic, and offers you a completely automated system. Bring IoT into your greenhouse and change the way you grow for good.

Our Services

The new standard in lighting

Whether it’s commercial grow houses or a catwalk, we have the lighting solution you need.

Entertainment Industry

Our lighting concepts and designs will give your events a colourful and lush experience that your patrons will never forget!


Lighting for commercial greenhouses is just the start. Our full consulting service will help you take your commercial growing into the digital era.

Environmental Control Systems

Our environmental control systems are state of the art and manufactured according ISO standards across the globe.


Lighting for the entertainment industry

Showcase anything, anywhere, any time and we will be there to take your performance to the next level.

Our specialised lighting products are imported from the best suppliers, to guarantee an experience like no other.


Greenhouse Lighting on any scale

Commercial greenhouses, vertical farms, and medical research facilities are just to name a few of the places where our horticultural LED lights can be applied.

Our Partners

We only work with the best!

Our product portfolio is state of the art and offers the highest quality in every range.

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Staying ahead of the game with Solar Power

Of all renewable energy sources, solar power holds the biggest promise for South Africa – which is one of the fastest-growing solar energy markets in the world – and is increasingly seen as a long-term solution to help reduce load shedding.

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