Altaqua - Unprecedented HVACD

Grow room HVACD systems available from 6 to 65 ton capacity.

Fully integrated into any size facility.

Altaqua Remote Control Technology

24×7 Real-Time Internet Monitoring and Wifi Control

Scalable capacity

  • Removals of Water: 25 to 272 pints/hr
  • Air Flow: 1,500 to 17,000 cfm
  • Refrigeration Capacity: 6 to 65 tons
  • Power Supply: 460V/3ph/60Hz, 220V/3ph/60Hz


Commercial grow room HVAC system

Integrated control of temperature, humidity and airflow for any grow. Create the perfect indoor climate facilities, the key factor to maximize the cannabis grow quality and quantity.

Precise Temperature Control

Your plants require constant temperature monitoring if you are going to provide them with ideal growing conditions.

Finely Regulated Humidity

Humidity within a greenhouse is often a touchy subject because it’s impossible to control when you are growing outdoors. Regulating humidity in a closed environment is one of the 6 main challenges that need to be addressed when growing indoors.


Altaqua Grow Room Dehumidifier

The GS-series grow room dehumidifiers are ideal for greenhouse and grow room humidity problems. The lightweight unit can be hung anywhere and has a water removal capacity of up to 320 pints/day. The moist air is sucked in and dry air is pumped out, creating a healthy, happy growing environment for your plants.


All-in-One HVAC with refrigeration Technology

New Unitary Standard Grow Hvac System All-in-one Easy and Inexpensive Solution. The latest refrigeration technology brings the new generation grow room hvac system, which do best for the high standard cannabis grow rooms.

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