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Architectural lighting should be a merger of art in the architectural sense and lighting in the technological sense.

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Our lighting solutions will work for both interior lighting and exterior lighting. Whether it’s permanent or just a temporary lighting set up for a special occasion, we can guarantee an awe inspiring light show.

Interior lighting and exterior lighting are our speciality

Fine interior lighting design and superior exterior lighting is what we do. You can show off the best architectural features of any building and any size.

By harnessing the power of cutting-edge LED technology we are able to illuminate objects of any size.

Take architectural lighting to a whole new level by turning simple bricks into magic with some of the most advanced LED lighting techniques you have seen yet.

Whether it’s a chapel or a large retail store, we can create a unique lighting design that is best suited for each and every application.

Straight out of Aarhus, Denmark

The most innovative R&D teams in the world

Our preferred supplier for interior and exterior lighting is SGM. Founded in 1975, then re-invented 2009 by pushing the boundaries of LED lighting technology.