Indoor & Outdoor Events

A work of art in every show

Our lighting technicians are fully trained to provide you a lighting show that your patrons will never forget!

100% Fresh

Our work

Our lighting solutions will work for both interior lighting and exterior lighting. Whether it’s permanent or just a temporary lighting set up for a special occasion, we can guarantee an awe inspiring light show.

The technology behind SGM products

The proof is right there in each and every installation that we do. A multitude of combinations covers everything from spot projection to full colour washes.

SGM P-series lights have been used for film, live performances, and photography, purely because they deliver a a high contrast, full-colour experience that is both lush and pleasing to the eye.

showroom lighting experience

Whether it’s the side of a building or the inside of a showroom, we have you covered. There’s no limit to what can be achieved with our LED lighting technology.

Technology we trust

The quality speaks for itself

All SGM lighting products originate from Denmark. They have some of the best R&D researchers working for them, and that is how they’ve managed to create lighting products that are of a superior quality.

When it comes to innovation and reliability, our danish designers deliver functionality and simplicity.