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Improved harvest by 70%

Horticultural lighting should be a merger of art in the technology and nature, where everything is automated and optimised the way nature intended..

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Our work

We have completed extensive work on several projects across South Africa and Lesotho.

Lighting that meets the needs of your crop

Our lighting partners only offer the best quality and scalability when it comes to your growing. At Emerald Harbour we know the demand for high quality full-spectrum LED lighting is critical for any indoor grow.

Not only can we match the needs of your  grow room, but we will also help give you full control over your lighting systems.

valoya led lighting projects

Medical grade marijuana has to be grown under very strict conditions and requires the utmost quality if it is to be used medicinally. Our lighting and control systems will improve your production and harvest by up to 70% in some cases.

Valoya cannabis grow lights

Trusted by medical grade farmers

Quality that is always consistent

Full spectrum LED is exactly what we are about when it comes to growing. We only use the best products that deliver prolonged reliability, and giving you maximum return on investment.

Our professional consultants will help you get the answers you need.