Systems Integration

Environmental control

HVAC & Dehumidification

Environmental control systems that work for you

We’ve developed our very own horticultural management system that lets you control every aspect of your grow operation regardless of the size.

Always in control

Our work

Hortimod OS is our flagship environmental management system that helps you control each and every aspect of your grow. We specialise in integrating a variety of automation systems, that takes the headache out of having to manage all of your fertigation systems, and your temperature and humidity controls.

Dehumidification and HVAC

Dehumidification and HVAC equipment for large facilities requires specialised equipment that offers full control over the considtions inside your greenhouse.

We have partnered with Altaqua and Valoya to bring you some of the best quality environmental control systems.

Straight From the Farm

We Believe in Quality

When it comes to medical grade marijuana, ensuring that everything is done by the book, is crucial to deliver a high quality product that is always consistent.

That is why we only use the best quality HVAC systems in all of our installations.