Jetion Solar  Ready to Go Green?

A world-class solar panel range brought to you by Emerald Harbour.

With a state-of-the-art product portfolio, Emerald Harbour takes pride in partnering with the best, which is why we’ve teamed up with one of the greatest in the solar power game – Jetion Solar – to bring to market a supreme range of highly-efficient, highly-durable, and environmentally friendly solar panels.

Higher module conversion efficiency


Greater module conversion effectiveness thanks to high efficiency mono PERC cells and a half-cell design that maximises space usage while providing reduced Rs loss and lower hot spot temperature.

Certified to withstand the most challenging environment

2400 Pa wind load
5400 Pa snow load
25 mm hail stones at 82 km/h

Highly reliable due to stringent quality control

These solar panels have been proven extremely dependable with a double EL inspection at 100% and  in-house testing exceeding certification standards.

Solar panels you can RELY on.

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JT SGh - 540-550W

144 Cells
1500V DC
21.3% Maximum Efficiency

JT SFk - 650-670W

132 Cells
1500V DC
21.6% Maximum Efficiency

JT SSh(B) - 540-550W

144 Cells
Multi-busbar (MBB)
Bifacial Mono PERC
1500V DC
21.3% Maximum Efficiency

JT SLk - 645-665W

132 Cells
1500V DC
21.4% Maximum Efficiency


IEC 61215, IEC 61730, IEC 62941
ISO 9001: Quality Management System
ISO 14001: Environment Management System
ISO 45001: Occupational Health and Safety

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Among the most powerful and
cost-effective solar panels in the industry

Excellent low light performance

Low light performance is superb on cloudy days, mornings and evenings.

IP68 junction box

The modules ensure a high waterproof level for long-term weather endurance.

Clean. Renewable. Efficient.

We create teams that combine the best functional expertise from around the world
with in-depth knowledge of the most promising industries

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