VHD & VHD5 series

Constant Power Point System

Ideal for touring with high performance installations that revolutionised concert sound with unparralleled quality, power and coverage.

A feat of engineering

Point source technology that took 5 years to develop a system that was designed for large scale concert sound.

Cover large areas with crisp, clear, powerful sound.

All components in a single axis array

Each part is designed proportionately to the frequency that it reproduces. so you essentially get the ideal size and shape unit for every part of the frequency spectrum.

VHD 2.0

A powerful long throw system for audiences of up to 20,000 people.


The new VHD2.18J is a direct radiating bass-reflex speaker containing two 18” high performance transducers


Wide dispersion with an actively driven system

A discrete cabinet profile that offers a wide dispersion at high frequencies.

The slim design also allows for wall mounting, suspension, and ground stacking applications.

Combined with our SL3000 range of amplifiers,


High-powered active sub-woofer range

3-way high output sound available in 5 modules that can be slotted in with any KV2 setup.

Complete coverage from low-end to high-mid range frequencies, delivering a crystal clear response, with applications up to 3000 people at the event.


Compact and powerful full range speaker system

Available in 6″, 10″, 12″ and 15″ the EX series is capable of being combined with the the EX sub-woofers, as well as the VHD systems.

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