Staying ahead of the game with Solar Power

South Africa’s solar power future is bright, with opportunities and benefits evident. Investing in solar power is not an option anymore, but a must.

The Solar Solution 

In recent years there have been many advances in renewable energy solutions, especially in the face of an ever-growing global climate crisis. These developments and solutions are paramount to South Africa’s future, where an energy crisis has left South Africans in the dark for over 15 years. Businesses and households are haunted by unpredictable power disruptions known as ‘load shedding,’ making even the most basic daily tasks difficult while having a detrimental impact on the economy and employment. Of all renewable energy sources, solar power holds the biggest promise for S.A – one of the fastest-growing solar energy markets in the world – and is increasingly seen as a long-term solution to help reduce load shedding.

The country’s blessed with an abundance of potential renewable energy in the form of sunshine, as well as ample space for large solar plants. This, along with ever-declining solar product prices, a massive increase in renewable energy investments, and constantly rising electricity tariffs make solar the ideal candidate for large-scale solutions.

Typically, two barriers to S.A’s solar energy sector are the lack of energy innovation and the perceived high cost of renewable energy technologies, which may be overcome by the entry of leading solar panel manufacturers into the market along with the integration of cutting-edge technology. Fortunately, this is fast becoming a reality with the introduction of government-sponsored tax incentives that have helped solar power become more widely accessible. Solar installation is also now easier and more affordable than traditional alternatives, and considering skyrocketing energy rates, lessening our reliance on imported fossil fuels is one of the smartest moves we can all make. Further, solar power projects are increasingly boosting, the much needed, employment opportunities and economic growth.

South Africa’s solar power future is bright, with the opportunities and benefits evident. Investing in solar power is not an option anymore, but a must.

At Emerald Harbour, we’re committed to changing lives and providing high-quality products that deliver prolonged reliability, while giving a maximum return on investment. Our expertise is extensive as manufacturers and distributors of world leading products in LED lighting, sound, HVAC, automation, and now solar power. We can ensure your  transition to a supplier of solar power solution is as easy and reliable as possible, delivering only the highest-quality and most innovative products. With a state-of-the-art product portfolio, we pride ourselves on working with the best, which is why naturally we’ve partnered with one of the greatest in the solar power game – Jetion Solar – to deliver a supreme range of highly-efficient, highly-durable and environmentally suitable solar panels to the market.

Staying ahead of the game with Jetion Solar – visionaries in green energy

Jetion Solar – a subsidiary of CNBM (ranked No. 196 in global Fortune 500 firms 2022) – is a tier 1 manufacturer and distributor of high-quality, advanced and innovative solar PV (photovoltaic) products. Jetion Solar offers world-wide EPC services and project finance as well as expertise in sustainable solutions for improved performance and, at the same time, a healthier environment. Founded in 2004, Jetion Solar’s world-class product offerings are among the industry’s most powerful and cost-effective: one-of-a-kind in terms of high conversion efficiency, low-light performance, and weather resistance. Jetion Solar has supplied more than 15 GW of solar modules worldwide to over 60 countries, with a global production capacity of 2.5 GW and 5 manufacturing locations domestically and in Thailand. They’ve also been listed as among the top 10 solar panels available in S.A. Jetion Solar modules are used mostly in situations where long-term profitability, durability, and environmental considerations are crucial.

Gain a solar power edge with the high efficiency Jetion Monocrystalline Solar Module series with powerful dual-glass alternatives.

The Monocrystalline Solar Module series offers the JT SGh 540-550W – 144 cell Mono PERC module with 21.3% maximum efficiency and the JT SFk 650-670W – 132 cell Mono PERC module with 21.6% maximum efficiency.

These solar panels have a greater module conversion effectiveness thanks to high efficiency mono PERC cells and a half-cell design that maximises space usage while providing reduced Rs loss and lower hot spot temperature. Key features include the excellent low light performance of the solar panels on cloudy days, as well as certified durability and efficiency in handling the most challenging environments, being able to withstand a 2400 Pa wind load, 5400 Pa snow load and 25 mm hail stones at 82 km/h. The solar panels also ensure a high waterproof level for weather endurance in the long-term and are compatible with high voltage systems up to a maximum of 1500 V. Due to strict quality control, these solar panels have been proven extremely dependable from a double EL examination at 100% and in-house testing exceeding certification standards.

Jetion Solar has provided a high-efficiency bifacial alternative with the dual-glass Monocrystalline Solar Modules. Welcome the JT SSh (B) 540-550W – 144 cell MBB bifacial mono PERC with 21.3% maximum efficiency and the JT SLk (B) 645-665W – 132 cell MBB bifacial mono PERC with a 21.4% maximum efficiency

These dual-glass solar panels boast an ultra-high power output and up to 30% more energy yield. They are powered by MBB mono PERC cell technology with a half-cut cell layout, lower Rs loss and thermal coefficients Bifacial cells. These bifacial modules deliver ultra-high reliability from the dual-glass design with POE encapsulant and no PID risk, and further reliability from a 100% EL double inspection and stringent internal quality control. Primary features include excellent low light performance and being able to withstand the most challenging environments from wind loads of up to 2400 Pa, snow loads of up to 5400 Pa and 25 mm hail stones at 82 km/h. They are also fire class C certified which minimises the fire risk of the entire system, as well as being high voltage compatible with a maximum of 1500 V, saving on the total system cost.

Solar Panels you can rely on

These world-class solar modules come with a 12 year product warranty and 25 year performance warranty. It’s clear to see these are some of the most excellent and reliable solar panels in the game right now, providing the greatest output and durability with challenging conditions in mind.

With innovative technologies consistently driving new developments in solar panel design, stay ahead of the game by introducing one of the most powerful solar panel ranges to your offering, through Emerald Harbour Trade and Investments.

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