StormX 600W Full spectrum LED

600W full spectrum grow light designed for greenhouse and indoor horticulture applications.

Small Footprint & Extremely Bright.

Highest PPE led technology available 3.10 μmol/J – 3.9 μmol/J using the Samsung LM301H leds & LM315H
• Daisy chainable
• 3-in-1 dimmable: 0~10Vdc, PWM, Timer dimming.
• Dim-to-off.

Electrical specifications

Nominal Input Voltage: 90VAC – 305VAC
Power Input 630Watts
Power Factor >0.96
Current @ 230VAC 2.7Amps
Inrush current 36Amps
Led Power 592Watts
Power Supply Efficiency 94%

Approval marks – approval CCC / CE / RCM / ENEC 05
Standards Acc. to IEC 61347-1/Acc. to IEC 61347-2-
13/Acc. to IEC
62384/Acc. to IEC 61000-3-2/Acc. to IEC
3/Acc. to IEC 61547
Driver Life Span 50000h @ TC Point of 80 ̊C
100000h @ TC Point of 70 ̊C
Operating temperature (Ta): -40 ̊C to +55 ̊C
IP Rating IP65

Photometric Data

LED Specification

LED Type 812 x Samsung LM301H
132 x Samsung LH315H (660nm)
12 x Samsung LH315H(730 nm)
Photosynthetic Photon Flux
(μmol PAR/s):
950 μmol/s LM301H
700 μmol/s L1SP-DR
50 μmol/s L1SP-FR
PAR Photon Efficacy (μmol
3.10 μmol/J @ 65 mA LM301H
3.9 μmol/J @ 700 mA L1SP-DR
3.0 μmol/J @ 350 mA L1SP-FR
LED Colour 3000K LM301H, 5000K LM301H
730nm LH351H, 660nm LH315H
L70 Life Span 50000h

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