Powerful LED Tubes with Minimal Heat

The L-Series is perfect for vertical farming and growth chambers, or any lighting application that requires minimal heat being produced.

They are available in a number of different light spectra, and can be fitted to regular fluorescent light fittings without requiring modification.

Patented Horticultural lighting

Valoya has 100’s of patents running on all of their products. As a result, they can offer commercial horticulture lighting solutions second to nothing.

Research based lighting

Valoya has spent time researching optimal lighting solutions, and have published 100’s of articles on the correct lighting, LED lights for commercial farming, as well as research into the actual LED’s as well.

8 out of 10 of the worlds largets AG companies use Valoya

That’s why we also chosen to partner with them, when it comes to our greenhouse installations.


High-intensity & Slimline LED bars

The C-series is perfect for grow rooms and chambers as well as vertical farming. They are dimmable and resistant to humidity and dust.

The C-series comes in three different lengths and wattages.

vertical farming lights


LED bars for cultivation & research

High intensity and robust design is what makes the BX-series LED light ideal for growth chambers. This particular series can withstand submersion in water and has a average lifespan of about 50,000 hours.

Various Wattage available

Model BX90 – 88 Watts

Model BX120 – 132 Watts

Model BX180 – 199 Watts

Model C65 – 65 Watts

Model C75 – 80 Watts

Model C90 – 90 Watts

See the difference in your crops

Light is energy for plants

By controlling the LED light spectrum we can control the growing behaviour of plants. Including their vegetative and flowering states.

With our extended spectrum technology, we can simulate dusk and dawn to create a complete spectrum of light for your plants to grow in.


High-power, chainable LED lights

Up to 16 chained LED lights can be connected to a single mains output. The BL-series is considered the best quality lighting for greenhouses.

Their compact and high-intensity design that is both dust and water tight, so you don’t need to worry about yor irrigation system.


HighPowered & Wide Spectra

The RX-series is designed to be a replacement for HID lighting. They areh high powered, dimmable and available in 395, 465 and 564 Watt variaties.

Model RX400 – Spectra available: AP67, AP673L, NS1

Model RX500 – Spectra available: AP67, AP673L, NS1

Model RX600 – Spectra available: Solray385

Up to 2.6 µmol/W (spectrum dependent)


Another patented advancement in LED Lighting

Sophisticated LED lighting systems are now possible with new technology. Our patented LightDNA® product is able to extend the light spectrum in to the dawn and dusk spectrum, allowing you to create the experience of a full day.

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